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TigerBullets™ is a multiple PSD (particle size distribution) plugging material used to bridge and seal permeable formations in water, oil or synthetic-based drilling fluid (mud) systems. It can be used for lost circulation control and as an additive for cementing operations. Tiger Bullets™ does not affect rheological properties of drilling fluids. Laboratory Permeability Plugging Test (PPT) show that the material can perform at low loading (ppb) and can seal a variety of fractures, micro-fractures and pore throats, and thus lowering the spurt and overall filtration losses. The material helps reduce torque and drag and prevents differential sticking by increasing lubricity during field applications. This material is non-damaging to MWD tools and mud motors.


Tiger Bullets™ is made of recycled plastics, recycled cellulosic fibers together with other functional additives; all forming a composite blend through a reactive extrusion process, providing improved performance (rigidity, swelling, lubricating and thermal stability) and field material handling. Tiger Bullets™ represents a new generation:



We turn post-industrial and post-consumer plastics as well as wood and fiber wastes into a highly-effective and low-cost lost circulation material.


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